Privacy Policy aims to deliver articles that are focused mainly on online backup solutions. It has no other intention but to impart useful and credible information for you to make use of. Whatever kind of sharing is done on, your personal details are never included and are spared from sharing. For the sake of your privacy, none of your personal details are ever shared with other websites, companies, or individuals.

What You Need To Know

Each time you access, you are not asked to share any kind of personal information about yourself. The only time you are asked to share your email address is when you post a comment and when you send a message using the Contact Form.

But you also need to know that you are immediately sharing your IP address once you are on Your IP address is the number that represents the computer you are using to access the website.

In the event that is able to access your IP address, you can rest assure that it will never be used for anything other than to assess where you are located. That kind of information is most useful in profiling the location of the visitors. So long as you are complying with the terms and conditions of the website, your IP address will never be shared with anyone.

Your IP address says a lot about you, Aside from showing your location, it can also reveal your physical address, name, and other personal facts about you. So once any website is able to capture your IP address, they can easily locate you on a Google map. You have to know all these because not everybody is aware that an IP address can actually be used to track down digital footprints.

What You Can Do

There are ways to work around this. In the event that you aren’t too comfortable with websites accessing your IP address, you can just clear the cookies on the settings of you browser. Another way is to make use of proxy servers when you go online. Either way, you are concealing your identity online.

You can trust that will never share any of your personal details. Although there are ways for you to protect yourself, will never abuse any of your personal details.

For your total privacy protection, you are required to check the updates here on the Privacy Policy.

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