Small Business Online Backup Is No Doubt Necessary

online-backup-for-small-businessThe 11th of March 2014 is one of the days that will never be forgotten in a long time as it marks the 3rd year anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters that has ever happened in history. This was an earthquake that was named Tohoku. It measured 9.0 on Richter scale implying that it was incredibly destructive and the tsunami which caused the earthquake caused devastating damage in Japan where over 15,000 lives were lost and material damage was estimated to be over $300 billion.

When such disasters happen, a poor job is normally done when relaying information on the damage that has been caused. However, they make individuals think about issues of preparedness and whether they would survive if something like that happened again. After the Tohuku earthquake, people who were covering the technology space wondered openly how many entities in the United states had implemented data backup & recovery solutions that would enable them to recover from disasters like that.

Shorty after the earthquake occurred, Wayne Rash a long time tech media veteran wrote an article on truly preparing for the worst. Here he discussed the must have criteria that each and every business needs to follow in order to prepare for such disasters. This emphasized on having an operating site somewhere away from where the business is located. This is where your business needs to have data stored remotely or in a cloud. Should you opt to have your data stored in the cloud, you have to make sure that the cloud computing service provider you are working with is found far away from where you actually are.

This is very important as reports by the US Small Business Administration state that almost 25% of all small businesses fail to re-open after disaster has struck something that echoes the beliefs of Rash. The federal agency understands that data backup and recovery is a very important part of any business especially when it comes to continuity. In line with this, your business also needs to have an information technology disaster recovery plan.

Online data backup services including cloud data storage come highly recommended as these offer businesses numerous benefits. This is because they are effective solutions and are also cost effective especially if your business has internet connection. Other perks that your business can get from data backup services include:

  • Centralized data – all the cloud computing techniques have 1 thing in common being that the data is centralized and the users are distributed. It is an effective solution that your business can use for disaster recovery as it is not close to the location of the disaster putting the data out of harms way.
  • Decreased downtime – your business does not have to wait to get its on-site servers operating when you want to recover data with the cloud backup services. This is because all that is needed is internet connection. The business can run on an alternate site if need be something that reduces the downtime significantly.
  • Easy to implement – cloud storage needs little or no installation and can be implemented very fast at a fraction of the cost.

Cloud based backup and recovery solutions are an economical and wise choice that can help ensure your business continuity after disaster. Online backup solutions such as offered by Carbonite were developed to help small businesses with their disaster recovery strategies. Carbonite Business solutions are HIPAA, FINRA, and FERPA compliant, which means that these solutions pass government regulatory standards for quality and security. There are also three Carbonite Business plans from which you can choose from to suit your company’s business needs. If you are interested by any chance in Carbonite backup solutions, do make sure to get a discount with a Carbonite offer code that you can use. If you can find a valid discount offer, Carbonite for business is affordable as it is. You definitely will get more bang for the buck when you invest in Carbonite.

Does your business have an on-site backup system or do you use an online backup service?


2 thoughts on “Small Business Online Backup Is No Doubt Necessary

  1. Thanks for the heads up on online data backup services. I thought it would be pretty expensive but I was wrong. I’ve just learned that Carbonite is one of those services that make it affordable for small businesses like mine to have a data recovery plan. Thanks for letting me in the know.

  2. A business that does not rely on a professional backup service is in real danger. There has to be some kind of backup system in place. While that could be very expensive, Carbonite has various business plans that are actually very affordable.

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